I am on my way to complete Super PSG VSTi this month and make the release.

Basically the main features of SPSG are:
SN76489 Sega Master System / Genesis Version Emulation + some extended features
(see timer modulation for example >> http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/12185 … 80-hblank/ )
in order to make some advanced sound out of the simple PSG.

  • NO aliasing on the tone channels at high frequencies!
  • Master clock setting : NTSC, PAL, 1Mhz, 4Mhz or anything in between (can be modulated in real-time and stay in tune...)
  • 1 to 64 Steps envelope for Amplitude and Pitch, with delay, clock speed, loop, ping pong etc...
  • 2 modes arpeggio (programmable or MIDI controlled)
  • 8 memory slots per envelope, arp and advanced waveforms than can be internally sequenced at any available clock speed (can be used as a wavetable for software waveforms...)
  • Z80 Timer Pulse Width emulation (SID) Sound, SYNC fx or custom waveforms
  • Optional AY3-8910 Envelope Buzzers (not available on the real chip but nice to have smile )
  • PWM sample import/play
  • Each envelope clock master speed can be synchronized or independent
  • Noise channel LFSR extended feature: tweak-able in real-time (tapped bit masks and feedback bit)
  • etc...
A PSG envelope logging feature might be added in the future allowing to save the envelope instrument data to later import it in some MD music engine like echo for example...

Works also as a controller with GenMDM however very high speed are not supported and the current Volume data in GenMDM PSG is tied to velocity only witch is not desirable in this case(might be better with Scale's SMS interface as there is a separate CC for volume..)
GenMDM accept CC#11 as Volume control for certain PSG channels... tested and works super fine until firmware update.

Here is an audio test with the real SMS and Alex Kidd ^_^  + custom sounds (@ 2:15) in the end of the video...
More on that soon


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