IN FEW DAYS ! Super PSG VSTi release


Super PSG is a bit perfect emulation of an SN76489 chip (SEGA MASTER SYSTEM VERSION) + the envelope part of the AY3-8910(MSX, SX SPECTRUM...)

It features band-limited waveforms to have a nice analog sound with no aliasing.
All you need to squeeze the hell of a square wave
Including Timer Modulation Tricks, High speed modulation (up to 300Hz), PCM sample import that can be played through the chip volume register witch gives them a unique sound (PCM or PWM way) etc...
Some tracker like "tables" and a unique way of circuit bent the Noise channel! witch basically gives you the ability to reach some ATARI 2600 like metal noise or mess it up in a unique way, all of that in real-time.
Almost everything can be automated or MIDI learned.

Basically the main features of SPSG are:
SN76489 Sega Master System/ Genesis Version Emulation + some extended features (see timer modulation for example >> http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/12185 … 80-hblank/ )
in order to make some advanced sound out of the simple PSG.
  • NO aliasing on the tone channels at high frequencies! (band-limited)
  • Internal Sequencer/Tables for each global setting (envelope, pitch, arp, timers, lfsr...)
  • Master clock crystal setting : NTSC, PAL, 1Mhz, 4Mhz or anything in between to reach lower notes (can be modulated in real-time and stay in tune...)
  • 1 to 64 Steps envelope for Amplitude and Pitch, with delay, clock speed, loop, ping pong etc...
  • 2 modes arpeggio (programmable or MIDI controlled)
  • 8 memory slots per envelope, arp and advanced waveforms than can be internally sequenced at any available clock speed (can be used as a wave-table for software waveforms...)
  • Z80 Timer Pulse Width emulation (SID) Sound or custom waveforms
  • Optional AY3-8910 emulated Envelope Generator! Buzzers, Sync Buzz... ( a feature that was only available on the AY and YM2149 chip )
  • PWM & PCM sample import/play
  • Each envelope clock master speed can be synchronized or independent
  • Noise channel LFSR extended feature: tweak-able in real-time (tapped bit masks and feedback bit)
    • The output can be either Direct chip output, SMS or Genesis filtering.

    Also Volume and Pitch data can be exported via MIDI OUT, that will also give the possibility to make a .VGM file to include in Homebrew Games or play on a real SMS/Megadrive.

Can also work as a controller for a modified version of the Little Scale's open source SN76489 interface that anybody can build!.
It will be available on the same basis as FMDrive Vsti (YM2612 emulation) with a minimum donation.