Make the SEGA GENESIS Talk : CSM control

Finally I have made it :)
For the final stage of development of my sega genesis sound chip emulator F-MDRIVE 2612 Vsti, I was trying to give more usable control of this speech synthesis thing aka CSM mode.
Now we can :
  • Control the 3 supplementary YM2612 CH3 frequencies and separate key on/off my different MIDI channels(MIDI channel 11,12,13). pitch bend included
  • CSM on/off is internally controlled by key on/off to bypass the original behavior.
  • Timer A speed can now be controlled by MIDI notes !(MIDI channel 14).pitch bend included

So it means that combining 4 MIDI channels of control we can change the formants and tone and keep control over the actual frequency with Timer A tied to MIDI notes. (in the limit of timer A speed, still there is a quite usable range!)
The CSM mode could now be used to make some robot vocal noise, talk or play notes with formant control over the sound...kind of virtual robot singing tone ^^

If the user find a way to make a word it is easily saved or reloaded just by saving the appropriate MIDI channels in the project. This way one could save some "words midi data" and use them again in another project.

I recorded a raw preview of this as i was testing it in ableton live...
(also a snippet of the DAC custom waveform..)
Next I will post the full specs of the F-MDRIVE 2612 Vsti.
It should be out in 10 Days more or less for people who already knows about the baby and a few weeks after for the rest of the world.
Keep watching the news.

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